The Do-It-Yourself Divorce Trend Continues, with a Record Number of Litigants Handling their Own Divorce Cases during the First Quarter of 2012

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 31, 2012

The do-it-yourself divorce trend shows no sign of slowing, and that is probably good news for everyone except divorce lawyers. According to statistics released today by online divorce provider, during the first quarter of 2012, a record number of Americans filed for divorce without hiring divorce attorneys. The uptick in do-it-yourself divorce filings cuts across all geographic areas and income levels. Online divorce services now play a major role in the divorce process for many divorcing couples.

According to Marc Rapaport, founder and CEO of Empire State Legal Forms, Inc., even high-income Americans are now foregoing lawyers and opting to do it themselves. Rapaport states, "at all income levels, there now appears to be a realization that particularly with the availability of online divorce kits, divorcing couples are capable of resolving their own financial issues, and thus are able to retain control over the process. Middle income divorcing couples cannot afford divorce lawyers, and high-income people don’t want to be caught in the downward spiral of out-of-control legal fees and protracted litigation."

According to Rapaport, clients of his company’s divorce website,, not only save money, but also benefit by staying in control of the divorce process. According to Rapaport, people now realize that "divorce lawyers are, all too often, part of the problem – not the solution." Rapaport states that do-it-yourself divorce is "healthy both financially and emotionally. There is good reason to be wary of divorce lawyers, and the do-it-yourself divorce revolution helps couples take control of their own destinies."

Rapaport observed that the do-it-yourself divorce trend now encompasses far more than simple no-fault dissolution kits, and that there is an increasing level of comfort with do-it-yourself qualified domestic relations orders, which are also known as QDRO forms. A QDRO is a specific form that is required to divide or distribute a retirement asset in the context of a divorce or marital separation. In the past, lawyers would charge thousands of dollars to draft simple QDRO forms. Rapaport’s website,, enables users to download QDRO forms for as little as $59.00. has qualified domestic relations orders, ready to download and sign, for distributing pension plans, 401k plans, profit sharing plans, and other retirement assets. According to Rapaport, is now the fastest growing site operated by Empire State Legal Forms, Inc.

Certainly, the rich and famous will continue to keep divorce lawyers occupied. However, for average Americans, the process of divorce is now a matter of downloading forms from the internet and filing their divorce papers with the court.

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