• Seeking new marital tort, frustrated father takes divorce case to civil court.

    A divorce-related lawsuit filed in New Jersey is trying to establish precedent in that state for a new marital tort: alienation of children’s affection. The case involves Canadian billionaire Moses Segal, who says he suffered Princeton, New Jersey See also: Princeton Township, New Jersey

    Princeton, New Jersey is located in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States. Princeton University has been sited in the town since 1756. . “We’ve never seen this kind of claim brought to a civil court.”

    In 1994, Segal began living with Cynthia Lynch, first in the Bahamas and then in Canada. They separated in 2001. In 2005, the Toronto Globe and Mail described their divorce saga as “a tale of financial scheming, intrigue, and punitive damages Monetary compensation awarded to an injured party that goes beyond that which is necessary to compensate the individual for losses and that is intended to punish the wrongdoer. . (Segal v. Lynch, No. L-003076-07 (N.J., Morris Co. Super. filed Oct. 25, 2007).)

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  • Divorce Without Warning

    Can anyone really claim they were asked for a divorce without any warning? To honestly answer this question, I must start by explaining what I mean by “without warning”. First, we all know marriage is work and no marriage is perfect all the time. Disagreements, arguments, and disputes of all kinds are a part of marriage. I am not talking about obvious indiscretions like an affair that would trigger a divorce; I am talking about things like leaving the toilet seat up, snoring excessively, weight gain, financial or family discrepancies, drinking, drug use,and other human habits or behaviors that lead to fights. When you got married, you got the whole person – the good and the bad habits. Only if the habit is extreme and your spouse was not aware of the habit until after the marriage vows, do you have anything to be surprised about if asked for a divorce because of your habit that they have not discuss with you to try to reach a resolution.


  • New Book Says Still Power is the New Will Power

    The principles of stillpower as described by the author include: mind, consciousness and thought. It’s about understanding the power of the mind, being aware and the quality of thought. There are many sports related case studies and stories in the book to illustrate how to implement stillpower.

    The book is easy to read. I’d recommend it for anyone competing in sports or any type of competition including getting ahead at work. The thought processes that go into winning are obvious when sports enthusiasts watch as someone as powerful as Tiger Woods struggle with winning after his personal life and his thoughts were disrupted through his own doing.

    Getting back into the zone or into the game is not as easy as it sounds. The same applies to work or any type of competition. Learning stillpower may be a good alternative to forcing it through willpower.


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  • We Had an Agreement: The Results of the Bank Bailout

    The unemployment rate has climbed to 9.2 percent and The Great Recession rumbles on. The recovery has stalled. The government is out of money to stimulate the creation of federal or state jobs. Our paychecks are less because employers are freezing wages and cutting hours. Investments in new growth opportunities are stalled while those we entrusted in this to help you have decided it is best for them to hold rather than to play

    You see, in fact there has been an economic recovery in this nation. It has been experienced though by the upper class. There has been no democracy in the recovery.

    We were naive. President Obama, the Secretary of the Treasury, Chairman of the Fed and all of those geniuses who saved our country from an utter meltdown, only succeeded with the wealthiest. Am I the maid who washes the floor of your mansion. Am I the retail clerk who rings up your designer gown. Am I the lab technician who tests your urine sample so you can move into lucrative management. Am I the soldier in Afghanistan so you can tee off with your foursome each Saturday morning. Am I the barista at your Starbucks.

    We each serve a special purpose in life. But the rest of us have not felt the recovery. The housing market has not come back. The job market has not come back. The career opportunities low interest business loans are to generate have not come back.

    That is due in part to the Type A’s we entrusted with our tax dollar bailouts to rise to the top and the realization that they feel no indebtedness to us, the ones who put them there. We deserve more of the distribution of wealth that the recovery has produced. The middle class and lower class, over 300 million of us Americans comprising more than 90% of the nations’s population, have been crowded into our corrals of housing devaluations, underemployment, and families buckling from financial stress, so the cowboys can ride free in the wind across expansive plains that we all own equally.

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  • American Idol Top 12 Results Show

    OK back to our bottom three where Ryan sends Naima back to the safety seats….blowing my prediction for this week. Haley is also safe with Karen (potentially) going home. Karen sings for her supper, and in an outright plea to the judge to save her, she chooses Mariah Carey’s “Hero”. It’s not “muy bueno” at all even though she throws in some Spanish for good measure. Unfortunately, it comes off as more of a party trick, and if it were me, I’d probably just try to sing in key (but what do I know?)

    The judges chat for a second, while Seacreast tries his best to make poor Karen cry. Randy shares that they’re not saving her tonight, but adds that it is not unanimous, subtly letting America know that Jenifer really is the nicest judge yet and tried her best to save her….or at least, that’s my guess.

    Next week the Top 11 will sing, and the elimination show will give us the Top 10, and the year’s Idol Tour participants. I think there are a few folks who desperately need to step it up, or they’ll have to start making plans now for theme park jobs this summer! What do you think? Tune in next Wednesday to see for yourself! Want more Idol chatter? Check out American Idol Net for even more recaps, predictions, news and goings-on: http://americanidolnet.com/.

    (Judges’ photo: Access Hollywood)


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  • Shush with the "Savor Every Minute" Advice!

    Please, parents of older children, please. Stop telling me to savor every minute. Please. Your advice is not helping me. It only tells me that my future will be full of regrets and misery over missed opportunities to be a better parent.

    Your advice is well-meant, I know. But when you tell me, "It’s over before you know it!" it feels more about you projecting your disappointments on me than actually encouraging me to enjoy what I have.

    Leave me alone to screech at my little ones when they are impossible and to hug and kiss them when they are adorable. Your finger-wagging does me no good. You are not here in the kitchen to turn down the damn volume on the kids’ CD or get to the oven before the potatoes burn or console my second grader over her impossible homework. Just shut up and let me do my work. Let me grumble. It’s the only relief I get some nights.

    I know your words are part of your grieving process for your grown children. We all go through some version of this. I’d bet you ten bucks there are moms out there who wept on their child’s second day in this world. “Oh, boo hoo hoo! She’ll never be one day old again!”

    Do you really think your gentle advice is going to make me stop in the middle of the morning rush and appreciate the delightful chaos of the moment? No. Remembering your wisdom will not stop me from yelling “Getting you to the bus on time is not my job!” at my eight-year-old who is examining her fingernails as I rush past her in frantic pursuit of her backpack, lunch, snack, bookbag, library book, homework, homework folder AND homework accountability worksheet.

    It is the job of our kids to send us to the end of our ropes sometimes, just so we can discover how to hang on, even if it’s by our fingernails, or by some blind blunt instinct, or by sometimes nothing at all but an inner true grit that we didn’t know we had.

    Time flies, I get it. I also get that motherhood has an inevitable cycle, joy dances with anguish, moments fly by with intense emotion and hours drag with boredom. Now shush, and let me get back to work.


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  • Let Me In Trailer Released

    Cloverfield helmer Matt Reeves directed this upcoming remake of 2008 Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In. With vampires ultra-hot right now, this one is probably poised to make a good deal of money. And, thankfully, the trailer actually looks pretty promising. But do we really need yet another English-language remake of a great foreign film? Are American audiences that allergic to subtitles? Despite the relative success of the original during its brief stateside theatrical run, I’m sure the remake is going to leave it in the dust at the box office. And if people keep buying tickets, Hollywood ain’t going to stop any time soon.



  • Leadership Pledge for the New Year: Be Here Now and Be There Now


    Policies of every business, every leadership development program, must think in terms of both next quarter revenues and how today’s decisions will affect the next generations to come. We have to do a better job of being in the present moment and casting a long lens into the future. We need to be here and be there simultaneously.

    We seem to be at a log jam between “jobs versus the environment” and this polarization is literally strangling us. We are watching, actually participating in creating a great chasm between the wealthy and the rest of the population; one of the reasons this country came into being was to rail against this type of extreme. The ramifications of the political and workplace decisions made now will impact us physically, emotionally, and mentally for years to come.

    As we start this new decade here is one vital thought to ponder, “Water is always more precious than gold”.

    King Midas found that out the hard way. Bernard Madoff is finding that out on a daily basis. What will it take for us to learn this lesson before we die of thirst?

    “Be here now” means considering all aspects of a situation when making a present choice. That is the core of ethical leadership. “Be there now” is based on concepts that come from indigenous cultures. The Great Binding Law of the Iroquois” puts it eloquently, ”Look and listen for the welfare of the whole people and have always in view not only the present but also the coming generations.”

    In the Native American way consequences of decisions come down to the seventh generation beyond us. We seem to have forgotten this in our quest for power, for domination. The fickle finger of fate is pointing not just to men, women also who continue to aspire to the “dominate and conquer” model of attaining success.

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  • Amityville Horror Hoax

    One of the late 20th Century’s most lucrative entertainment franchises spawned several books and ten movies.  The pop culture phenomenon known as The Amityville Horror™ made its first appearance in print with a book by the same name published in September 1977. 

    This book (the cover of which carried the phrase “A True Story” beneath its title) detailed 28 days of horror as experienced by a New York family living in a home that – 13 months before their moving in – was the site of a callous mass murder. The new family left the house suddenly in January 1976.  They later claimed it was plagued by paranormal phenomenon: demonic possession, poltergeist activity, ghosts, strange noises, swarms of flies out of season, slime from the plumbing, and a notorious Red Room beneath a stairwell that purportedly led to Hell itself.

    Unfortunately, the DeFeo family murders are not what one of America’s most infamous houses is best known.  Unlike those very real slayings, the thing for which the house is infamous – as a site of extraordinary haunting and demonic activity – was a lie.

    Little House on the Big Island


  • USA National Debt Like Household Debt Will Fall Only With Lifestyle Changes

    Households and the government have the same challenge. Accepting that money management is lifestyle management. And so, to lower spending they must make difficult lifestyle choices.

    Government and households are addicted to debt. The last thing an addict need is “more.” I pray any solution reached on this matter excludes tax increases. So too, households must live within their incomes.

    One of my favorite quotes comes from Einstein: "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction."

    Is Congress so committed they will allow debt-default to get the government to move in the “opposite direction”? I hope it is.


    Michel A. Bell is a Christian, Canadian, conservative, former senior business executive, founder and president of Managing God’s Money. He held many senior finance, strategy, and planning positions in the Alcan Inc. …

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