• Seeking new marital tort, frustrated father takes divorce case to civil court.

    A divorce-related lawsuit filed in New Jersey is trying to establish precedent in that state for a new marital tort: alienation of children’s affection. The case involves Canadian billionaire Moses Segal, who says he suffered Princeton, New Jersey See also: Princeton Township, New Jersey

    Princeton, New Jersey is located in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States. Princeton University has been sited in the town since 1756. . “We’ve never seen this kind of claim brought to a civil court.”

    In 1994, Segal began living with Cynthia Lynch, first in the Bahamas and then in Canada. They separated in 2001. In 2005, the Toronto Globe and Mail described their divorce saga as “a tale of financial scheming, intrigue, and punitive damages Monetary compensation awarded to an injured party that goes beyond that which is necessary to compensate the individual for losses and that is intended to punish the wrongdoer. . (Segal v. Lynch, No. L-003076-07 (N.J., Morris Co. Super. filed Oct. 25, 2007).)

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  • Pattern of Pain: Withholding

    The most common form of withholding is what we commonly call “the silent treatment,” but withholding encompasses any unwillingness to express your true feelings. It also includes an unwillingness to give support, praise, or positive attention to the people you love. We have all known someone who is impossible to please, and many of us have suddenly found ourselves at the other end of a chilly silence with no explanation. At the same time, many of us will recognize our own tendency to withhold our emotions rather than express them. Most of us have seen both sides of the withholding dilemma. Emotional pain is at the root of our tendency to withhold, and withholding causes pain to the people subjected to it. It is a dysfunctional pattern that creates a breakdown in communication and understanding.

    No one deserves to be subjected to withholding. Feeling ignored, disrespected, or shut out, and to not know why, is a terrible feeling. The first thing to remember if this is happening to you is that you are not to blame. You are caught in someone else’s pain pattern. This person does not know how to express feelings in a healthy way probably because this is what they learned when she or he was a child. The second helpful thing to remember is that the withholder is acting out of pain. They are stuck in a habitual mode of response that is self-defeating and alienating to the people they love. Remembering this will help you feel compassion for the person hurting you. However, if you have suffered too long with this pattern, you may need to get some space. Take some time to look at your own patterns and understand why you have taken part in this drama. If you are dealing with people in a family situation, you can step up to the plate to help break the chain of this behavior pattern.

    If, on the other hand, it is you that tends to withhold, understand that this is a learned response and it can be unlearned. Find safe places to begin to express all that you’ve been holding back. Begin to make an effort to say what you’re feeling and thinking. Give praise to someone you love. The more you do this, the healthier you and your relationships will become. What was learned over a course of a life cannot be changed overnight–remember, one day at a time.

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  • Divorce Without Warning

    Can anyone really claim they were asked for a divorce without any warning? To honestly answer this question, I must start by explaining what I mean by “without warning”. First, we all know marriage is work and no marriage is perfect all the time. Disagreements, arguments, and disputes of all kinds are a part of marriage. I am not talking about obvious indiscretions like an affair that would trigger a divorce; I am talking about things like leaving the toilet seat up, snoring excessively, weight gain, financial or family discrepancies, drinking, drug use,and other human habits or behaviors that lead to fights. When you got married, you got the whole person – the good and the bad habits. Only if the habit is extreme and your spouse was not aware of the habit until after the marriage vows, do you have anything to be surprised about if asked for a divorce because of your habit that they have not discuss with you to try to reach a resolution.


  • Why Did It Take So Long To Uncover – Illegal Surrogate Baby Breeding Ring?

    After the discovery of the illegal baby breeding ring, the company had the balls to mention on their site that the latest coverage of the company in the media were untrue and that they were victims of false reporting. Unbelievable! So they expect us to believe that those poor women sent the email to the Vietnamese embassy just for the fun of it!

    I also find it hard to believe that the people using these services were oblivious to the atrocities going on behind the scenes. Or did they really sit gullibly by, uniformed, waiting for that stalk to fly on home with their new baby, not knowing where it came from or not having any details or contact with the surrogate mother?

    Whatever the case, the desperation by all the people involved in this is frightening and saddening at the same time. Those that will do whatever it takes to get a baby and start a family, and on the polar end, those that will do whatever it takes to make money. Even if that means turning their bodies into baby making machines.


    Don’t you just wish that everyone could just lighten up?! Take a picture of the world now and we’ll see too many mindless zombies..being told what to eat, what to wear, what to think, where to go, what to do. Enough is enough! …

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  • Shush with the "Savor Every Minute" Advice!

    Please, parents of older children, please. Stop telling me to savor every minute. Please. Your advice is not helping me. It only tells me that my future will be full of regrets and misery over missed opportunities to be a better parent.

    Your advice is well-meant, I know. But when you tell me, "It’s over before you know it!" it feels more about you projecting your disappointments on me than actually encouraging me to enjoy what I have.

    Leave me alone to screech at my little ones when they are impossible and to hug and kiss them when they are adorable. Your finger-wagging does me no good. You are not here in the kitchen to turn down the damn volume on the kids’ CD or get to the oven before the potatoes burn or console my second grader over her impossible homework. Just shut up and let me do my work. Let me grumble. It’s the only relief I get some nights.

    I know your words are part of your grieving process for your grown children. We all go through some version of this. I’d bet you ten bucks there are moms out there who wept on their child’s second day in this world. “Oh, boo hoo hoo! She’ll never be one day old again!”

    Do you really think your gentle advice is going to make me stop in the middle of the morning rush and appreciate the delightful chaos of the moment? No. Remembering your wisdom will not stop me from yelling “Getting you to the bus on time is not my job!” at my eight-year-old who is examining her fingernails as I rush past her in frantic pursuit of her backpack, lunch, snack, bookbag, library book, homework, homework folder AND homework accountability worksheet.

    It is the job of our kids to send us to the end of our ropes sometimes, just so we can discover how to hang on, even if it’s by our fingernails, or by some blind blunt instinct, or by sometimes nothing at all but an inner true grit that we didn’t know we had.

    Time flies, I get it. I also get that motherhood has an inevitable cycle, joy dances with anguish, moments fly by with intense emotion and hours drag with boredom. Now shush, and let me get back to work.


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  • Life Is Not Fair—Get Used To It

    The book accordingly begins with the picture of 4-yr old Kaya who lives in Tokyo, where her mother spends $1,000 per month on her wardrobe. However, soon it takes the readers through where the undocumented Romanian 4-yr old lives outside Rome, Italy, with his immigrant family, a 7-yr old Nepalese girl who lives in a one-room home with her parents and siblings and works in a quarry for survival, to our own backyard in Harlan County, Kentucky, where Alyssa lives with her family.

    Alyssa’s story makes it more real, and we can understand how endemic this issue is when we watch this documentary that shows the richest 1% of US Americans earn nearly a quarter of the country’s income and control an astonishing 40% of its wealth.

    And if you think all this wealth is earned in old fashioned way through the blood and sweat of hard work, think again.


    See Evil, hear Evil, Speak against Evil. Beauty that is skin-deep is no beauty. Even in the utter helplessness hope is just around the corner. Sing glory and rejoice!

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  • The Mismatched Expectations of Marital Sex

    Over time this dynamic shifts and things should begin to resemble "normal," but what is normal? One study says Americans on average have sex approximately 2.3 times per week, or 118 times a year.  Another study states that the percentage of men who think about sex everyday is 70%, with women coming in at 34%.  No information was available on how often Tiger Woods thinks about sex, but I’m guessing it’s more than average.

    What is the happy number, the one where both partners are equally satisfied and the equity of effort is fair?  Depends who you ask. I know one couple who came up with an "every other day" rule of thumb, while others opt for weekends only.  However, I have also heard of people who haven’t had sex in six months.  Wow, talk about dissatisfaction! 

    Food for thought:  What’s something your partner could do to make you feel more amorous?




  • Amityville Horror Hoax

    One of the late 20th Century’s most lucrative entertainment franchises spawned several books and ten movies.  The pop culture phenomenon known as The Amityville Horror™ made its first appearance in print with a book by the same name published in September 1977. 

    This book (the cover of which carried the phrase “A True Story” beneath its title) detailed 28 days of horror as experienced by a New York family living in a home that – 13 months before their moving in – was the site of a callous mass murder. The new family left the house suddenly in January 1976.  They later claimed it was plagued by paranormal phenomenon: demonic possession, poltergeist activity, ghosts, strange noises, swarms of flies out of season, slime from the plumbing, and a notorious Red Room beneath a stairwell that purportedly led to Hell itself.

    Unfortunately, the DeFeo family murders are not what one of America’s most infamous houses is best known.  Unlike those very real slayings, the thing for which the house is infamous – as a site of extraordinary haunting and demonic activity – was a lie.

    Little House on the Big Island


  • California divorce case may change rules on financial discovery

    CALIFORNIA — A 2007 appellate divorce case has brought recent light to the subject of full financial disclosure in California divorce law.

    In In re Marriage of Feldman, a businessman did not disclose certain assets and financial transactions to his wife, although she repeatedly requested the information. Among the information Feldman wouldn’t reveal was the formation of several new companies. Mrs. Feldman had learned about her husband’s undisclosed assets before the divorce trial and provided her own investigation into the discovery.

    Feldman claimed that his lack of disclosure was not intentional and that the secret assets were of small value compared to the whole of the estate. However, the California Court of Appeals rejected these arguments, stating that a divorcing spouse has a duty to disclose everything, which is mandatory until all assets are divided, and that such refusal to do so is not acceptable. According to the Court, Feldman was obliged to disclose all material information in writing, continue to supplement the discovery, and disclose material info before any new project began.

    In the end, even though the hidden assets and transactions had not economically damaged Mrs. Feldman in any way, the trial court decided that Feldman should pay his wife $250,000 in sanctions for his failure to comply with the requested disclosure — as well as another $140,000 in her attorney fees. The court ordered the sanctions under the sections of the TX Family Law Code related to fiduciary duty.

    The moral seems to be that hiding important financial information from your spouse is never a good idea. The consequences of doing so, such as the results of the Feldman case, could be far more costly than simply agreeing to a fair property division.

    Jeff Cotrill is the staff writer of Divorce Magazine and www.DivorceMagazine.com which offers information on California divorce lawyers,California divorce law, Texas family law and Texas family lawyers

  • The "D" Word – Divorce

    A few years ago, my then-husband and I decided to get a divorce. We’d been separated previously and tried to work out our issues, but nothing seemed to be working for us. It was really sad, because for years we were so in love with each other and thought that we would stay together forever. We’d braved several storms in our lives, and held each other up through close family deaths, financial hardships, job issues, children, car accidents, and the list goes on and on. At some point though, the closeness that we’d prided ourselves on just disappeared. When I requested to “talk”, he suddenly started shutting down. Seemingly, every little thing that we did got on the other’s nerves.

    We fell apart. I accepted his indiscretions and when he moved back in, it was like I was living with a room-mate. I would try to lighten the situation sometimes by calling him “roomie” and he’d just laugh it off. I would try to explain to him why I felt that way – we weren’t intimate because I was afraid he’d not used protection and I didn’t want to have unprotected sex (and contract God knows what these days) with him and he refused to wear protection. He did perfunctory tasks such as mowing the lawn, taking out the trash and I did mine.

    It had been hard on the children as well. When we’d separated, they missed him – but he acted as if he didn’t have time. I didn’t want to push the children off on him and I didn’t understand how a father could be so cold. Any telephone conversations seemed short and strained. It was like he was a totally different person. I had to be both mother and father. My children asked about him all the time and I had no answers.

    I just had to pull it together and learn not to depend on my ex-husband which was really hard because we were initially a strong family unit. Sure, it hurt and took some adjusting to, but life is crazy and we can’t always control or foresee what’s going to happen, so you learn to roll with the punches. I don’t encourage divorce, and don’t wish it upon my worst enemy, but if it’s what needs to happen – rest assured that you do find a way to get through it. I did.

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