• Divorce Lawyer in Houston

    The practice of Family Law requires a firm that is familiar with both the complexities of family law and the family courts in which your family law issue will be addressed. Even the best family lawyer is at a disadvantage when dealing with a court that he or she is unfamiliar with. FamilyLawyerInHouston is the web home of The Selesky Law Firm, LLP. We specialize in family law matters in Houston.

    Our goal at the Selesky Law Firm is to provide legal guidance and representation to establish and maintain strong, lasting client relationships. Service to clients is the basis for our practice of law and communication is the focus.

    My website has been designed to provide you with enough information to determine if my practice can be of service to you. On my Family Law page, you will find helpful information regarding some of the key issues in family law. On the Resouces page you will find links to many federal, state, and county resources related to family law in addition to some links to site with general information regarding family law. Or simply call (713) 780-9595 for a free initial consultation.

    Family cases in Houston, like many family cases in Texas, usually start when a divorce petition is filed by the family lawyer representing the party bringing the divorce. The petition for divorce is a formal legal document that contains background information (such as when the marriage and separation occurred and the names, ages, and social security number of any minor children), states the reason a divorce is desired, and requests relief (including child custody, property division, and other matters). Typically, the information contained in the petition is obtained by the family lawyer when the lawyer and client meet to discuss the background facts of the marriage and the reasons for divorce.

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    In the divorce decree, the court must divide all the parties’ community property. The court cannot give the separate property of one spouse to the other spouse, except with the owner’s agreement. Therefore, the divorce lawyers must present evidence to help a court decide whether each item owned by the parties is community or separate property.

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    There is no doubt divorce affects the lives of scores of children in Houston, and throughout Texas. With very few exceptions, divorcing couples with the help of their Family lawyers, can and should agree on the issues of custody and visitation. The agreement should ensure that the child or children maintain close and continuing contact with both parties after the divorce is final. If an agreement is reached, the child or children will be spared the unnecessary and destructive fighting between the parents. Most Family Lawyers in Houston will tell you that most parents rank the priority of their children ahead of all the other issues typically involved in a divorce.

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    The Federal government, as well as the various states, have recognized the dangers and tragedy of parental kidnapping. Texas adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act, which is designed to discourage one state from changing another state’s custody order.

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    The Selesky Law Firm provides a Family Law Newsletter, updated periodically, with articles on a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, child care issues, bankruptcy, alimony, seperations, and many more topics. If you have questions concerninf a fmily law issue, don’t hesitate to contact us to reach Carl Selesky, an experienced Houston family lawyer.


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  • When To Appoint Family Lawyers

    The emotional distress that one may suffer from during a family conflict can be so overwhelming that your interests are best safeguarded and addressed by family lawyers who are the experts in the field. Most people are not emotionally and technically equipped to deal with the property disputes and child maintenance in the midst of a family breakdown.

    Do You Need Family Lawyers?

    Appointing family lawyers is vital to find an effective resolution to any queries about:

    1.Your partner may be privately owning some property or business.

    2.Your partner threatens to take away the children from you or you ha. If he/she already has the children, then he/she may restrict your visitations to them.

    3.Unfair property settlement.

    4.You find your partner’s lawyer to be extremely aggressive and intimidating.

    Family Lawyers Advise on Divorce and Child Maintenance

    An Australian citizen can get a divorce under only one ground of irreparable breakdown of marriage. This can be proved by living separately for 12 months continuously or the 12 months may include a reconciliation period which is not longer than three months. Family lawyers for divorce can be appointed in Australia if:

    1.the marriage was certified in Australia.

    2.both or either of the partners is an Australian citizen.

    3.the parties involved have resided in Australia for one year.

    A court grants a divorce only when it is satisfied with the arrangements that have been made for the well being of the children. In case you are not happy with what the court has decided, you can challenge the court’s order by appointing a family lawyer to appeal on your behalf.

    Family Lawyers and Property Settlement

    The property settlement between spouses or former spouses can be applied for under the Family Law Act. Family Lawyers can help you in negotiating with your partner and his/her lawyer to reach an amicable end so that you can have a ‘consent order’ made. The court will make a consent order after considering that all clauses about the property settlement are ‘just and equitable’ for both parties. So, the consent orders carry as much force as a court order. If the parties involved fail to reach an amicable settlement, then the role of your appointed family lawyer is significant to get your fair share of the property.

    Expertise alone does not make good family lawyers. Their understanding and sensitivity is just as important as their legal experience and expertise. To find speedy, reasonable and practical legal advice, visit Rosendorff.com.au right away.

    Family Law – Rosendorff Lawyers is a Melbourne law firm based in Queens Road in Melbourne. Our tenacity, combined with our technologically advanced infrastructure, allows us to deliver seamless, commercial solutions.

  • Common Legal Services

    Lawyers are able to provide a number of legal services which will enable you to smoothly and efficiently resolve disputes. They will also be able to provide guidance regarding a number of legal matters. This article takes a look at some of the most common types of legal services that are offered, and it provides some information on how to find and choose the best legal team for your needs.

    Child Custody

    In the event of a separation the care of the children is of a primary concern. Family lawyers will be able to provide expert advice which will assist parents in resolving disputes, and help them to make the right decisions when it comes to the care of the child. Family lawyers will be able to create a parenting plan or a family law order which will formalize the arrangements regarding the care of the child. This is not a legal requirement, however many people find it beneficial to have legal documents stating the arrangements in the event of a future dispute.

    Family dispute resolution is also offered in terms of a mediation service. The government provides a free mediation service, however it is most beneficial for all parties involved to have a family solicitor present at these mediations to achieve clear parenting arrangements.

    If mediation fails to solve the dispute then the case will most likely progress into court. Lawyers will be able to assist you through the legal process, and help you to come to a settlement.


    Lawyers will be able to aid a party through the process of a divorce. A divorce application will have a number of requirements depending on what country you live in and its corresponding laws. For example, in Australia it is a requirement that you need to have been separated for at least 12 months before you can make a divorce application. Going through a divorce can be an extremely stressful time, professional lawyers will be there to help the process run as smoothly and as hassle free as possible.

    Property Settlements

    A common legal service offered is that regarding property settlements. A property settlement is often finalised by consent orders or by binding financial agreements. Consent orders require that the parties involved do not go to court, instead they reach an agreement. Other property settlements can include mediation, or attendance at a round table conference.

    How to Find a Lawyer

    One of the best places to search for companies that provide legal services is online. All major legal teams will have a website which will list more detailed information on all of the services that they offer, as well as information on how to contact them. Before you choose to work with a legal team it will be advisable to prepare a list of questions to ask when you first make contact with them to ensure that you are working with the best lawyers for your situation. These questions can include things like how long have they been established for, and how many members are in the legal team?

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