• Top Reasons Why Married Couples Divorce

    These days, divorce has become widely acceptable across the world. Recent reports confirm that the number of divorcing couples is steadily increasing because the law is now being implemented in many countries.

    Now there are many reasons why partners eventually end up with the decision to separate legally. Of course, most couples begin their life together with optimistic attitude. Newly-wed partners are in love and their biggest desire is to live together and start a family. There are, however, some valid factors that make divorce necessary.

    One of the most common reasons why couples eventually choose separation is infidelity. The idea of living with a cheating spouse is simply unbearable for many. It can be very hard, if not impossible, to fix a relationship once the trust is broken that’s why they file for a divorce sooner or later.

    Next on the list is domestic abuse which is a very serious reason that can lead to the decision of divorce. Assaulting a spouse, whether during arguments or even for no reason at all, is prohibited by the law. No husband or wife has to go through that over and over again. Also, emotional abuse is another problem that can damage a person’s self-esteem. While not as visible as physical attack, this type of mistreatment is also a legitimate ground to file a complaint and ask for a divorce.

    The same can be said regarding mental illness. Whether this situation was initially undiscovered or something only acquired due to external factors (such as severe anxiety or depression), the court usually accepts this as a reason. Besides, living with a mentally-ill individual can be a horrible, if not utterly risky, experience.

    Believe it or not, the children themselves can be a major cause. Although kids are the ones directly affected by a separation, some parents find it hard to agree on so many matters regarding their parental roles and responsibilities. Different ways of disciplining, for example, is a complicated issue in itself. Add to that the fact that there are fathers and mothers who try to be the dominating figure in the home. This is definitely not an ideal atmosphere for the children to grow up in.

    These are just some of the elements that can hugely influence a couple’s decision. The figures of divorcing couples may not go down anytime soon but if the afore-mentioned reasons are involved, it is always best to terminate a wedding than to live a miserable life.

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  • Legal information: Divorce mediation

    With today’s divorce rates at an all-time high, many couples in distress are wondering whether there is anything that they can do to help ease along the process. In most cases, divorce is by no means an easy process. Individuals cope with the break up of relationships in many different ways, and it is not surprising that many couples will find themselves in a seemingly endless cycle of arguments and frustration. Fortunately, however, there is another option: Divorce Mediation.

    But, what exactly is “Divorce Mediation”? For the most part, mediation can have a variety of definitions, but when it comes to divorce mediations, couples are generally required to sit down together with an unbiased third party (the mediator) and discuss the issues surrounding their divorce. The mediator is typically a certified marriage and family counselor who has training in communication and negotiation and can provide divorcing couples with a clear cut agenda that addresses the unresolved issues in their marriage and helps them reach agreements that satisfy both parties involved.

    Couples in turmoil frequently find that attempting to discuss these issues when they are alone with their partners can often lead to explosive arguments peppered with personal attacks and a series of tangents (typically drudged up unresolved issues from the past) leaving them without a resolution and even more frustrated than before they began to “talk.”

    Often, when individuals are simply “too close” to the issues at hand, they can become blinded by their own attempts to get across the main points in their respective arguments, essentially ignoring their partner’s points, and subsequently leading to a lack of resolutions. The mediator’s training in communication and negotiation skills will help keep couples focused on the MAJOR issues so that each issue can be tackled independently in a much calmer environment.

    There are a variety of theories and techniques that are used by mediators in divorce mediations; however, each session is generally designed to help you and your partner overcome the unresolved issues that cause conflict in your relationship (i.e. division of debt and property or child custody and support) so that a settlement can be reached more swiftly and so that you can both be satisfied with the results of your divorce proceedings.

    Many divorcing couples may feel as though the last thing they want to do is talk to each other. Unfortunately, the more that a lack of communication exists, the more probable it is that misunderstandings will occur and ultimately lead to resentment. Before you and your partner make the decision to enter into divorce mediation, however, be sure that you are equally committed to reaching a speedy and satisfactory divorce settlement. A number of factors contribute to the success or failure of divorce mediation, including how much effort and dedication you put forth in the process. Regardless of your circumstances, divorce mediation will at least help you and your partner achieve a crucial step in setting the foundation toward reconciliation in your relationship, whether you decide to remain together or go your separate ways.