• Divorce – 5 First Steps Of Divorce

    There are a lot of steps to follow in the divorce process. Below is a list of the 5 first steps that you can anticipate…keep in mind, the whole purpose of the divorce process is to get husband and wife together face to face enough times that they are able to negotiate a full settlement outside of court:

    Step #1 – The first step in the divorce process is for you to make up your mind that you are ready to let go of the marriage and move forward with a divorce. Once you know you are ready, call a divorce lawyer. If you do not know a divorce lawyer, just ask a close friend or family member for a referral. Chances are, you know someone who knows of a reputable divorce lawyer. When you call the divorce lawyer, be prepared to provide him with a short summary about the facts of your case and be prepared to schedule an initial interview.

    Step #2 – The initial interview will last 30 minutes to 1 hour. At it, you and the divorce lawyer will discuss the facts of your case in detail – you will also discuss the options, short-term strategy for getting the divorce process started, and long-term strategy for resolving each one of the issues either by settlement or by trial. You will be given a copy of an intake sheet (every divorce lawyer has one). The intake sheet will ask you questions about you, your spouse, your children, each item of marital property, and each account that is marital debt. You will take the intake sheet home, fill it out thoroughly and legibly, and then return it to the lawyer’s office.

    Step #3 – Once the lawyer has received the completed intake sheet from you, he will begin drafting the initial paperwork. Once the initial paperwork is drafted, the lawyer will then file it at the county court house and ask the judge to schedule the initial court appearance…your divorce will officially be underway at this point.

    Step #4 – The initial court appearance is usually just an informal conference. At the conference, you and your spouse will either sit down together and watch a video about helping your children cope with the rigors of divorce or you will meet with the judge and hold an informal conference with the judge about the status of your case. Either way, at the initial court appearance, you and your lawyer will have ample opportunity to meet with your spouse and your spouse’s lawyer to discuss settlement.

    Step #5 – If a tentative settlement cannot be reached at the initial court appearance, the matter will be set for hearing in front of the Judge – at the hearing, the judge will resolve the unsettled issues for you.

    Tulsa Divorce Lawyer Matt Ingham is the founder and owner of Bulldog Divorce: Law Office of Matt Ingham. If you have questions or comments for Matt, you can contact him by clicking here…or by calling (918) 591-2566.

  • How to Find a Perfect Divorce Lawyer: A Story from Experience

    We often hear that a wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of a person’s life, and that a family is a sacred union that can withstand anything. Unfortunately, life isn’t always so kind, and I had to learn it on my own.

    Looking back today, I can see that there were subtle signs that I should have noticed even before the wedding, but being giddy with love does make people blind. At least, this is what happened to me. Thus, I was completely oblivious to the gradual changes in my husband and our relationship. Being consumed with caring for our son, I disregarded all suspicious calls and frequent work trips, and I’m sure I would have continued to do so for many years to come had I not been presented with divorce papers. That day, my little bubble of family happiness burst and an excruciatingly difficult process of legal divorce began.

    At first, I just couldn’t believe what happened. I guess I went into some kind of shock that showed in the form of active denial. I wanted to believe that this was just some kind of mistake and that my husband would “awaken” and return to me and our son. I was in for a rude awakening when I realized that he wanted to kick us both out of the house and his lawyer told me that this is the best I could hope for. This realization hit me like a ton of bricks, and I must confess that I almost crumbled at that time. However, every time I looked at my son, I regained some of my strength. Very soon, the feeling of utter devastation turned to anger, and all I could think of was seeking retribution. I had no weapon to fight against my husband in a legal battle, thus, I set off to look for a powerful ally.

    This was how I learned that finding a good divorce lawyer is incredibly difficult. It took me half a dozen personal meetings and days of research to find an attorney I could trust. This experience taught me a lot, and I’m sure that, should I need a lawyer today, it will take me no more than a couple of days to do so. Alas, at that time, I was consumed with grief and anger, and my total lack of experience didn’t help matters.

    The good thing is that people learn from their mistakes, and this is what this ordeal taught me:

    • First of all, you have to be collected and prepared when going to a consultation with a divorce lawyer. You pay this person for their time, and they should use said time to help you sort out the legal issues that pertain to the breaking up of your marriage. If you come well prepared (meaning take all the necessary documents with you), the lawyer will be able to use their time more efficiently.

    • One of the main mistakes people make when meeting with their divorce attorneys is seeing them as therapists. I must confess that I did the same thing, but I was lucky enough to find a lawyer that managed to reason with me and get through the red haze of anger that clouded my mind at the time. My attorney pushed me to seek counseling and I was able to see changes for the better immediately. One of the best things that came out of this is the fact that my lawyer’s bills reduced significantly because we actually managed to get more work done in our meetings.

    • The most important thing about finding a divorce lawyer that will be perfect for you is to stop and think carefully about this. Try to clear your mind of emotions that spur you to look for a “shark”. Be reasonable and assess your situation from every angle. This way, you will know what type of lawyer you really need, and finding him or her will become much easier.

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  • How to Select a Georgia Divorce Lawyer

    Georgia divorce laws are hardly easy to navigate. While it is certainly possible and sometimes even desirable to go through a divorce without a Georgia divorce lawyer, this is not necessarily a good idea. In cases where the parties disagree on major things, a GA divorce attorney can sometimes be helpful in getting a good decision or striking a settlement with the other party.

    However, it is not always feasible to use a lawyer. You should know when you need a lawyer and how to select one if the need arises. Use the precautions in this article when making this important life decision.

    Each Georgia county will have a certain court for hearing divorce cases. You are generally going to want to use a Georgia divorce lawyer with experience in your county (meaning the county of the divorce proceedings). This is the first thing to remember but very easy since it is natural to find a local person to do things, anyway.

    Now, if you feel like you have no disagreements to resolve and want to go through an uncontested divorce, you can certainly do this under Georgia divorce laws. However, bear in mind that you may have legal rights you are not even aware that you have. This makes it important to at least discuss matters with a Georgia divorce attorney unless you are so happy with the agreements you have made with the other party that you would rather not upset the apple cart.

    But let’s assume you have some property or child custody/support issues to overcome. This is when you had better speak to a licensed Georgia family attorney about your divorce.

    Now, use the links below in the Resources section to compile a list of lawyers in your county. For FindLaw, you simply click on your county. For StateLawyers, click on “Attorneys” and then your county and then “Divorce” to find divorce attorneys in your Georgia county.

    When speaking to these lawyers, you want to fully discuss your finances and how you would like to proceed with the divorce. Litigation and related costs can potentially skyrocket if you are not careful. Before hiring a divorce lawyer, put in writing a maximum amount over which you will not pay or at least a specific figure. This will protect you, as some lawyers have been known to unexpectedly add up billable hours without adequate warning.

    Now, if both you and your Georgia divorce lawyer agree on a course of action, hire the lawyer if you feel what you can gain is worth more money wise than the cost you anticipate paying for your GA attorney.


    StateLawyers Online List of Georgia Attorneys

    FindLaw Lists of Georgia Divorce Lawyers

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  • Divorce Lawyer Financing

    For a wealthy couple that has a lot of money tied up in assets, and with one of the spouses acting as the principle manager of wealth for the two, it can be really hard for the spouse who initially leaves the marriage with not all that much to finance a divorce lawyer. This is even more the case if the divorce drags out for a number of months, and if there are all sorts of hidden assets to be uncovered. Without a loan to help you get what is rightfully yours, you may have to settle for far less than what you would have to if you could afford to have your cased fully heard by a judge.

    At its current levels, companies loaning money exclusively to pay a divorce lawyer and to maintain a standard of living are just getting started. As of now, there are not that many companies that exclusively specialize in this type of lending. There are other firms, however, that have grown into from a natural desire to expand their business. These lenders are typically focused primarily on getting money to litigants to battle personal injury and commercial litigation suits.

    Lending in this way can be best applied to cases where a couple is separating. This is because a divorce lawyer can be very expensive, especially for the top attorneys who are thoroughly familiar with huge property divisions. Also, it can be the case in some areas that it is not possible for an attorney to take your case based on the amount of money that is eventually recovered, even if you would be agreeable to this. The result of this is that it can be the case that upfront money would likely have to be paid for an enormous amount of money.

    Overall, though, these services are fulfilling a way to make the end of a marriage fairer. It can be devastating to know that you are being taken advantage of by your former spouse, and that you do not have the resources to fight back. In some ways, having a lending firm give you some money to finish the property division is satisfying a need in society to make sure that justice will prevail in court.

    New Orleans divorce lawyer Will Beaumont knows what it is like to go through complex family breakups and is ready to assist with the division of a lot of assets. He has two offices:

    Beaumont Divorce, 3801 Canal St #207, New Orleans, LA, 70119 (504) 483-8008

    Beaumont Divorce of Metairie, 3814 Veterans Memorial Blvd #302, Metairie, LA 70002 (504) 834-1117

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  • A Boutique Family Law and Divorce Law Firm

    Divorce Lawyers in Las Vegas – watch more funny videos

    If you are looking for a Lawyer or Attorney in New Jersey for Issues and Representation relative to divorce, child custody, child support enforcement and modification, restraining orders, domestic violence, protective orders, paternity testing, pre nuptial agreements, post nuptial contracts, jewish gets, religious divorces, annulments, adult name change, ivf, donor, and surrogacy agreements contracts, alimony, spousal support, or other family law matters in the State of NJ, The Law Offices of Kasuri and Levy can help you in an affordable and convenient way.

    This NJ New Jersey Law Firm offers locations in Bedminister, Bridgewater, Edison, East Brunswick, Fort Lee, Freehold, Iselin, Jersey City, Mahwah, Morristown, Mount Laurel, Newark, Paramus, Parsippany, Princeton, Red Bank, Roseland, Saddle Brook, Short Hills, Newtown Yardley Pennsylvania PA, Richmond Hill Queens New York NY, Jackson Heights Queens New York NY, Sussex County, Warren County, Morris County Passaic County, Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Union County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County, Middlesex County, Mercer County, Monmouth County, Burlington County, Ocean County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Salem County, Atlantic County, Cumberland County, and Cape May County, all locations within the State of New Jersey NJ for accessible, aggressive, affordable, top, low cost, and convenient lawyers attorneys and a law firm in New Jersey NJ.

    For more information, contact the New Jersey NJ Law Offices of Kasuri and Levy by telephone at 732-253-7630, by email at info@edisondivorce.com, or on the web at http://www.edisondivorce.com

    Here are just some important things to consider when searching for a good divorce lawyer.

        * By choosing a good <a href=”http://www.edisondivorce.com”>lawyer</a> you are ensuring that you have a good ability in obtaining the agreement that you want. It may not be 100% to your weakness but it should be pretty honest.

        * Don’t be quick to accept as true any advertisements you see or read for even ones by lawyers themselves can often be confusing.

        * Don’t be fast to hire a lawyer that was a good divorce lawyer for your friend as each individual’s position will be different, although don’t rule out looking into possibly hiring them either.

        * Find a <a href=”http://www.edisondivorce.com”>lawyer</a> whose specialty is in divorce, more than ever one within a firm whose focus is in both family law and divorce. Finding one whose background and experiences are in divorce will have recent advice and expertise that others may not have.

    If a lawyer claims they are a divorce professional, know that there aren’t any particular set of laws that qualify him or her as such. Thus to protect yourself from a prospective “specialist” when he or she may actually practice law in a number of areas other than divorce, find a good divorce lawyer who is able to verify their claims. An truthful one specializing in divorce will have no troubles accepting your request.

    Be sure to find a good lawyer who has had at least a few years of knowledge in which most of those were in the field of family law and divorce. Possibly even more importantly than their having prior knowledge, you will want to know how well they have done and if they have had enough knowledge in your particular state to be valuable and kept side by side of your state’s laws.

    Finally be sure to seek a good divorce lawyer with plenty of years’ experience in side the actual courtroom. Don’t just go ahead and assume that they all do when in fact, they don’t. If your case needs to head to the court house, your lawyer needs to be very well knowledgeable concerning the current system in your state and also what is most victorious with certain judges, which will then help greatly in a outcome which is fair, satisfying and victorious for both parties.

    Lawyers can either help to make or crack your personality divorce situation and even your parental rights’ outcome so you want to be very careful with whom you pick, yet on the other hand don’t hang fire too long and drag the whole condition out either.

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  • What To Think About In A Military Divorce In Virginia

    While it is true that if two people get married they promise to be with each other until death, life is fairly unpredictable and plenty of things can go awry. In the end, it is impracticable to predict what sorts of scenarios are likely to transpire many years down the road. Regardless, the process of divorce was set into place for those that wished to break the marriage. Although during its early days divorce was especially exceptional a result of a great number of causes (the main one being social backlash), it is more and more common to discover people who are wanting to go through the process. When you are in a situation where you need to go for a military divorce, then before trying to find a Virginia Beach divorce attorney you’ll want to first take the time to be aware of the implications of such divorces.

    A Look at Military Divorce

    Different from civilian divorces, military divorces put into play a number of situations which complicate the whole divorce process. To start things off, there are Federal laws which prevent someone who is active duty in the military to be divorced with no knowledge of it, as they are protected from needing to respond to a divorce action, or any other civil suit, while on active duty. As a matter of fact, the proceedings can be postponed for as long as sixty days after the time of active service; or an active duty member can decide to waive any postponing if they indeed desire the divorce.

    When it comes to the spouse, the Federal and state laws are essentially the same. If the spouse is on active duty, she must personally receive a summons to the court as well as a copy of the divorce Complaint; otherwise, the Virginia court will most definitely have no jurisdiction over the case. Should the court case stays uncontested, the spouse may be served an affidavit in which they completely realize the actions taken in terms of divorce.

    Typically, the prerequisites to get a military divorce say that one party concerned must be residing or stationed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The grounds used for the divorce are exactly the same ones as in a civilian case. As far as division of property, normal Property Division Laws apply, not to mention that the government in addition has put into place the Uniformed Services Fomer Spouses’ Protection Act which has the purpose to figure out who should receive how much military retirement benefits upon divorce. Yet, the military retirement funds may be subjected to an exception if the spouse has been married for less than 10 years while the military spouse was on active duty.

    In case there are children involved in the case, the child support laws and regulations say that alimony as well as child support will not be more than 60% of a military member’s pay. The regular process is used to set how much a member pays for child support in case of a divorce.

    Searching for a Virginia Beach Divorce Attorney

    As you can see, a military divorce is different from a standard one as you will discover other aspects to iron out. Fortunately though, looking for Virginia Beach divorce lawyer is one of the least difficult things to do out there. To start things off, you may always check out the various law firms in the city and check out the lawyers they have for you. Although you will probably find a qualified divorce attorney in town this way, it will take a great amount of time to look through all the options before making a final decision.

    Additionally, you can also find a Virginia Beach divorce lawyer by looking on the web on legal directories which allow you to easily reach practically every single lawyer in your city. These websites can be best described as directories containing lists of lawyers and attorneys, and it should be added that they have been neatly organized for your convenience.

    All in all, keep in mind that a military divorce has a few nuances which need to be dealt with differently than in a regular civilian divorce. Unless you are quite familiar with the laws around this subject, it is recommended that you take the time to find a Virginia Beach military divorce attorney to help you through the whole process; after all, divorce is a painful thing to go through psychologically… why make your life even worse by going into the legal aspects?

    Anneshia Miller Grant is the senior associate attorney at Garrett Law Group, PLC in Virginia Beach. She practices exclusively in the area of family law, including divorce and child custody. Ms. Grant is highly skilled in issues concerning military divorces.


  • Selling Your Home During a Divorce

    While everyone hopes to have an amicable divorce, the cold, hard truth is that most divorces are not amicable, and some even get ugly. When it comes to the dissolution of marriage, a great deal is at stake for both parties, and one of the biggest assets that must be “split” is the couple’s home. The ideal situation is to agree on a solution mutually, such as selling the home and splitting the profit, but, unfortunately, that is rarely what happens during a divorce. The home is usually fought over tooth and nail, and if you hope to keep your home once you are divorced, then you need the assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer. Hiring a divorce attorney is crucial in getting what you are entitled to if your marriage fails.

    Valuating Your Home as Part of the Divorce

    If you decide to sell your house during your divorce, there are some basic pieces of information you should know ahead of time. The single most important factor in selling your home is to know how much it is worth. In order to do this, you can pull comparable listings and sales in your area. Look at every similar home that was or is listed in the same neighborhood over the past six months. The list should contain homes within a half of a mile of yours unless there are only a few listings in that area. You should pay attention to neighborhood divide lines and physical barriers such as interstates, railroads, large buildings, etc. You should compare similar square footage, within 10%, of your property, and also check out homes of a similar age to your home in an effort to establish the current market value of your home.

    It is also recommended that you pull the history of expired and withdrawn listings of homes in your area and find out why they were pulled from the market and whether or not they were relisted. Compare the original list price to the final sales price to determine price reductions, and compare final sales price to actual sold price to determine ratios. If this all sounds very confusing, hiring a realtor to handle all of this for you may be well worth the money. There are quite a few intricate details in determining how much a home is worth, and it is best to have a knowledgeable real estate agent on your side.

    Get Out of the House Before Your Divorce is Final

    If both parties agree, it is best to try and sell the house before the divorce is final. Otherwise, it is better to have both parties relocate and then put the house on the market. That way, you don’t run the risk having one spouse trying to sabotage the sale, whether intentional or not. Keep in mind that you are still responsible for the mortgage payments during this process.

    Having the house empty also means that you’ve finished with dividing the remaining furniture and personal affects. This can be helpful to you and your spouse emotionally. Plus, it will make it easier for potential home buyers to imagine their own furnishings, which will hopefully get your house sold sooner.

    If you live in the Jersey City area of New Jersey and are in need of a divorce lawyer, please visit the website of New Jersey divorce lawyer Anthony Carbone, P.C. today to learn more or to find out how to schedule an initial consultation.

    If you live in the Jersey City area of New Jersey and are in need of a divorce lawyer, please visit the website of New Jersey divorce lawyer Anthony Carbone, P.C. today to learn more or to find out how to schedule an initial consultation.

  • NY Divorce Lawyer Free Information

    (PRWEB) February 8, 2005

    I am a New York City divorce lawyer. I have been working in the field of family law since 1983, where I started out as a law clerk in a mid sized matrimonial and real estate law firm in Santa Monica California. Now I am a New York City attorney, having recently opened up a branch of my practice in New York City. I love what I do. I travel a lot helping other attorneys in other States as well. I have been practicing family law and criminal law exclusively since 1986, almost 20 years and I like to think I know what I am talking about.

    I recently co-authored and published a DVD and VHS video on Divorce Law, which is available for purchase at my web page or through amazon.com. It is in the process of being distributed nationally. The DVD is called "Divorce Tactic by attorney Lisa Beth Older" and has a lot of valuable information about what you should know and expect before you go through a divorce.

    Divorce can be easy or difficult, but a lot ddepends upon you! The more the parties can agree upon before they see their lawyers, the less expensive the procedure will be. If there are children and property involved the process tends to take a little longer because the Courts and litigants must decide how they are to divide up the property. We live in an "equitable distribution" state which means that the division of property is not necessarily equal but rather equitable. That means the Courts have vast discretion as to how to go about dividing the assets.

    The nuances of the law make it near impossible for litigants to represent themselves where there are children and property. That is because the case law of the State of New York on divorce dictates certain results and limitations on the parties once there is a final Judgment.

    For instance in order to modify a Divorce Judgment with respect to property division you would need to show fraud, duress, unconsionability that shocks the consciousness of the Court or manifest and blatant unfairness. This is a very difficult burden to meet, but I have seen Judges do this when one spouse is raked over the coals for no good reason, especially where one party to the divorce action is un represented by counsel.

    Further if a separation agreement is not acknowledged in a proper manner similar to filing of a deed then you may be able to challenge the entire agreeement in a court of law. I encourage all persons looking into getting a divorce to secure the advise and counsel of an experienced New York City Divorce Lawyer.

    There are many property rights people do not even think are subject to equitable distribution, which I would like to share with you. No person is perfect, and no attorney is perfect. That is why it is essential to inform yourself of your rights as best as possible and the New York lawyer you choose will be better equipped to explain the procedures and coasts involved to see if it is an avenue you may wish to explore in litigation. If you cannot afford to hire an expert witness to value the license of your spouse you may still use this information as bargaining leverage. For instance, if your husband earned a license during the marriage you are entitled to an equitable share in the value of the license. If your wife earned a college degree and as a result has enhanced her earning capacity that fact alone entitles you to a share in the enhanced earning capacity of your wife.

    You may also be interested to learn that you have an interest in any pension accrued during the marriage or in any savings, stock or brokerage or checking accounts of your spouse, even if you did not formally or directly contribute to them. Another area of complete surprise seems to be that the parties do not always know that if the husband or wife owned a house before the marriage, and if capital improvements were spent in maintaining the house, you might be entitled to up to fifty (50%) percent of the appreciation in value attributable to that capital improvement. You may also be allowed to claim an interest in funds or equity in your spouseÂÂ’s corporation, even if the corporation is titled in partnerÂÂ’s names, as well. Again, experts will be needed to set the value of the corporate business or assets, and you will need to show an ”indirect contribution” such as being a homemaker, putting aside your own career to advance your husbandÂÂ’s or wifeÂÂ’s career, but usually that is not too difficult especially if you have children and you have been entertaining and taking care of the house as a homemaker. But if you can not afford an expert to testify to the value of the business or corporation that you can use this knowledge as leverage in negotiating a deal between your attorney and your husbandÂÂ’s New York State attorney.

    The agreement you sign as to child support and child custody is another matter altogether. In that case, the Court allows the parties to modify their agreement from time to time upon a proper threshold showing of an unanticipated change in circumstances, increased needs, the needs of the children are not being met by the divorce judgment, or it would be in the best interests of the children to alter the terms of the separation agreement. If you do not plead your case properly from the beginning your petition may be subject to dismissal. That is why it is important to at least consult with a New York Divorce Lawyer before filing any paper in Court.

    First see a NY divorce lawyer first. I wish you an expeditious and fair settlement of your divorce issues, and a swift end to any misery the divorce process may have caused you.

    If you want to learn more about divorce law you may visit me at my website at http://www.lawofficesoflisabetholder.com or nycdivorcelawyer.net

    or call me at

    Lisa Beth Older, Esq.

    Attorney at Law

    212-786-0901 or at



    P.O. Box 697

    Woodstock, NY 112477


    Gateway Plaza

    375 South End Ave.

    Suite 23c

    New York, NY 10280



  • Saving Time is the Key to Saving Money on Your Divorce

    Ask your lawyer before “helping” her or him

    Sometimes, your best intentions turn out to be very bad ideas. For instance, many people try to record their spouse’s telephone conversations with third parties, or they try to hide income. These actions may lead to more work on the attorney’s part and that will increase attorney’s fees. There are many other examples of how people have tried to “help,” while only making the situation worse. The important thing to remember is – always ask your divorce lawyer first.

    Keep your cool

    Most couples would not even consider a divorce if their relationship were not already a volatile one. The actual legal process of a divorce often exacerbates the situation and sometimes pushes one or the other spouse even closer to the edge of reason. This is when people smash vases, flatten tires, and burn clothes… Not only does the property itself cost you money, but such behavior makes the entire process more time-consuming, and therefore even more expensive. Even something like changing the locks without a court order can add hours of work to your divorce attorney’s schedule and you will pay for that in the long run. Take a deep breath, and remember that you are hurting yourself financially and emotionally by losing your temper.

    Collect records and keep track

    Find and organize receipts for recent purchases. Avoid spending more than usual. Proving what you have or have not spent can make a big difference in your divorce settlement. Keep track of who picks up your children from school and who attends their events and activities, as this may be useful in custody cases. Every divorce case is different, so be sure to ask your lawyer what records you should create and keep.

    Promptly do what your divorce attorney asks

    Every time your lawyer has to call and remind you to get those receipts or documents, that’s a little extra addition to your bill. If your lawyer is forced to get the records elsewhere, your bill can grow unnecessarily.

    Prepare for telephone calls

    Rather than calling your attorney’s office five separate times with five different questions each day, make a list throughout the day and call to ask all of your questions at once. This saves time and money for everyone, and will allow your divorce lawyer to serve you better.

    Your divorce attorney is not a therapist

    Most people involved in a divorce will have a lot on their minds. In many cases, your divorce lawyer will know more about your situation than even your family and friends know. This may tempt you to discuss the emotional side of your divorce with your attorney. Depending on how much your attorney charges, this might be more expensive than seeing a therapist, who would also be better qualified to assist you emotionally. If you just need to vent, calling family and friends is probably the way to go.

    Tell the truth

    Your divorce lawyer may ask you some personal or embarrassing questions, or you might be stashing away some money on the side. Regardless of your reasons, it is never wise to lie, hide or manipulate the truth when speaking to your attorney. If something pops up later that should have been known from the start, it could end up costing more than just your pride.

    How much will a divorce cost?

    Marital dissolution is like removing a piece of tape from your skin; the slower you go, the more painful it gets. When asked how much a divorce will cost, New Jersey divorce attorney, Karen Meislik said, “The answer is up to you. Divorce attorneys work on an hourly basis. If you and your spouse can work out some of your issues and limit the scope of your disagreements, your divorce will be less costly”.

    Now that you know how to keep the time and costs to a minimum while getting a divorce, you can concentrate on more important things – like your health and emotional well-being.

    This content does not constitute a client-attorney relationship in any way. It is not meant to be used as professional legal advice. If you require advice about divorce proceedings, please contact a divorce attorney.

    For more information on divorce and other family law in New Jersey, please click here.

  • 10 Telltale Signs Your Wife Has Met with a Divorce Lawyer

    You may not know your spouse is plotting to divorce you, but I do. I am the divorce attorney your spouse consulted with. If you are aware that your spouse has taken the following steps, not only is it likely she is planning a divorce . . .it is also likely a lawyer is already involved and you should act quickly to protect your own interests.

    1. She has a P.O. Box. “One of the first things we tell clients to do is open a Post Office Box where we can discreetly send mail.” Says Jared Potter, a divorce attorney at Stafford Rosenbaum LLP in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Intercepting a letter from your wife’s divorce lawyer is a terrible way to find out she is divorcing you. With a separate P.O. Box, the client can also begin diverting her mail away from home and to the P.O. Box so that new credit cards, new bank statements, etc. cannot be intercepted or viewed by the unwitting spouse.

    2. She has been receiving vague voicemail messages. Intercepting a voicemail message from your wife’s divorce lawyer is also a terrible way to find out she is divorcing you. Therefore, we discreetly call clients using an untraceable calling service such as slydial.com and leave a non-descript message such as “Hey, Jennifer! This is Kelly just giving you a call. Call me back when you get a chance.”

    3. She has a lot of routine medical appointments and is refilling prescriptions. If you provide health insurance for your spouse, her benefits will likely terminate at the time of divorce. Therefore, she will want to be fully aware of any health issues that could impact her ability to get independent coverage or that could result in exorbitant medical costs.

    4. She is charging everything on a credit card and hanging onto cash. Credit card debt is easy to quantify and identify-cash is not. If your wife has started charging purchases she would normally pay for in cash-she is likely saving the cash for a rainy day, while accumulating marital debt on the credit card that you will later be one-half responsible for.

    5. She has stopped her 401k contribution. I have likely informed your wife that if she continues to contribute to her 401k she is saving money not only for herself . . .but also for you. As a result, she has decided to temporarily stop the 401k contribution and take the extra cash in her paycheck to help cushion her for the upcoming divorce.

    6. She has recently changed her life insurance beneficiaries. Once a divorce action is filed, most courts will not allow parties to change their beneficiary designations until the divorce is final. No one wants to die mid-divorce and leave everything they are fighting for to their unwitting spouse, let alone reward them with an undeserved life insurance windfall. Most people plotting a divorce quietly change their beneficiaries to avoid this possibility.

    7. She gets an oil change and new tires on her car. Why would she do this? Why not? As long as you’re still on the hook for half the cost, this will be another item she adds to the growing credit card bill.

    8. She cannot discuss or commit to any long-term planning. Try to talk to her about refinancing the house or building that addition you always dreamed of. Try to discuss a trip to Ireland in the fall when flights are cheap. She will panic for two reasons: (1) She doesn’t want to commit to anything that might change the delicate balance of assets and debts to be divided upon divorce; and (2) she knows she’ll be out of the picture by the time the plans unfold.

    9. She has recently photocopied your tax returns . . . and you are not in the process of refinancing your home. Some of the first documents we request from clients are copies of their personal tax returns and year-to-date paystubs. If these documents have disappeared from their usual place in the file cabinet or have been otherwise disrupted (unstapled and re-stapled) she has dutifully copied them for her lawyer.

    10. She recently made an unexplained “loan” to a family member. This is likely how she paid our retainer. She cannot have an obvious charge to a family law firm on your joint credit card. So, she probably wrote her sister a check for a large “loan.” Meanwhile, her sister has sent us a check for your wife’s divorce retainer.

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